School Groups

BST is a lively Centre focusing on youth development through a range of activities, mostly Watersports. The activities on offer can develop individuals from beginner, through our young leader awards, up to RYA instructor qualifications which are recognised worldwide.

Superb Setting & Facilities BST is set in an idyllic locations, with a 250 acre lake, lecture rooms, changing rooms, showers, toilets, shore facilities, ample car/bus/coach parking and boat parking.

The Team The training you receive at the Centre is amongst the best. The instructors are in house and/or nationally qualified and eager to share their knowledge with you. They are chosen as much for their caring approach as for their professionalism and expertise on the water.

Opening times BST is open to pre-booked schools and youth groups from 9am – 5pm Mondays – Saturdays April – October, Mondays – Fridays November – March plus evenings May – August Mondays—Fridays.

Safety and Accreditation BST is a recognised as a RYA Training Centre, is a BSUPA Centre and is licensed by AALA. As such we are inspected on a regular basis. We have on-going risk assessments and policies and procedures in place for our activities.

Insurance BST has public and employers liability insurance. Those participating in activities may wish to consider taking out their own personal accident insurance.

BST believe that every child deserves a well rounded education. This includes having the opportunity to experience a variety of different sports and activities with the aim of finding their passion.
At BST students are exposed to environments and experiences that are ideal for personal, social and teamwork development whilst being great fun. We are passionate about aiding the development of youngsters through watersports. We are confident that those who join us for training and activities will leave with a raft of new skills that will stand them in good stead in later life.

The programme can be tailor made for your groups needs, aims and objectives, duration of visit, session times, etc. Students need to be 8yrs or older, and water confident. If joining us as members for regular visits it will be possible for your students to join a young leaders’ programme which runs through the winter, offering training to the level of RYA assistant instructor and RYA dinghy instructor. Those on the scheme form the majority of our staff and are excellent examples of how our scheme can develop youths into leadership roles and this could also help your group to keep their fees down.

Our activities include


Well designed outdoor group activities benefit students in a variety of ways. All of our activities will help to improve many key skills for personal development. Once you have decided the main outcomes for your students we can develop a session to suit their needs.

  • Initiative
  • Co-ordination
  • Leadership
  • Self confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Responsibility
  • Exploring unfamiliar environments
  • Reviewing and evaluating
  • Respect
  • Safety awareness
  • Health, fitness and wellbeing
  • Social skills
  • Decision making
  • Considering others
  • Independence


“Theale Green Community School has a thriving sailing club which has run for many years in partnership with Berkshire Sail Training Centre. Sailing is an excellent activity for students of all ages. It develops their confidence and exposes them to new challenges. Many continue to sail beyond school and some even go on to become RYA Dinghy Instructors, but all of them thoroughly enjoy the experience keeping fit and making new friend sat the same time”. Headteacher – Theale Green Community School

“He has learned a new skill which compliments his existing interests in fishing and the trips we do with our rib/outboard en-gine. He is talking about succeeding in managing the sail, capsize, how great it feels when you get it right, and it adds to his confidence and successful independent participation in a social activity. As a result his younger brother is now desperate to learn to sail too; great to see this!” Rosie Albinson

“Brilliant. highlight of the week, helped relax, confidence building”. Richard Sassoon Parent

How to get involved

There are two ways to get involved

Ad-hoc sessions

The activity sessions we run are either half or full day. During these sessions you can choose from the activities we offer. The number you can choose will depend on length of your session and the number of students you wish to bring. Half a day should allow for up to 2½ hours for the activities. During these ses-sions we can focus on key skills such as teamwork, leadership or confidence in order for your students to gain the maximum development from the session. Of course, if your primary aim is for them to have fun, we are always happy to have that as the main focus.

Regular sessions

The second option is to join us for regular sessions. These can either be facilitated by our instructors, or your staff who are already trained and familiar with our Standard Operating Procedures (training can be provided) If you have your own boats and wish to use these for training you are welcome to store them with us for you to use when you come down.
To discuss how you can bring your students please contact us we are always willing to work with you to achieve your goals.

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